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Where do I start?

Not sure how to get started?

There are three ways we can help you on your path. Which one is right for you depends on three things.


1) What personal work you've done before. Is this your first step on the path of flourishing through personal growth, or have you already done a bit or a lot?


2) What's motivated you to get started. Is there a specific issue you just want to get un-stuck from? Are you ready to grow, but there's no real urgency about it? Or are you clearly ready for change, wherever that takes you - wanting to engage with your life broadly and intentionally?

3) How much of your skill development so far in life, has been centred on inner work. Are you new to things like introspection, emotional skills, coaching skills and therapeutic methods? Do you already have deep skills in these areas? Or are you somewhere in between? This will have an impact on how much you can guide yourself, or the extent to which you might need some help. Everyone who decides to walk a path of meaningful personal growth will benefit from the company of fellow travellers and at least some guidance and coaching along the way. How much and in what form will depend on your experience so far.


Here are three common starting points. See which one's right for you, then let's get you going!

STARTING POINT 1: I need help with a specific issue.

There's an issue or situation in your life that you just need help getting through, getting un-stuck from, or letting go of. Ongoing personal growth may or may not be something you decide to do, but you need some help right now to release from something that's affecting you. 

If this sounds like you, head over to our self-serve Tools page where you can decide which of the very powerful personal growth tools we've created, are right for your situation. These tools come as part of the Flourishing Life Blueprint course, but you don't have to do the whole course to have access to them. You can purchase just the tools you think you need right now.

If your skills for inner work are well developed, these tools may be enough to give you what you need. If you're less experienced and you get stuck, you can decide to do the course, or supplement the tools with online help from one of our Flourish Guides.


STARTING POINT 2: I want to grow. I'd like some tools & guidance but I want to do it on my own.

You're ready to start or continue your own personal growth path but either there's no sense of urgency about it for you, or you have a depth of emotional skill yourself that you can draw on. You're motivated to learn more about how to build a flourishing, fulfilling life, and to work through some of your life challenges. But you're happy to be your own guide. You think you can probably do it without personalised help.

If this sounds like you, then The Flourishing Life Blueprint online course is for you. This includes all of the tools from the Tools page. You can check it out here.


STARTING POINT 3: I'm ready to move and I want more than just tools - I want the wisdom, encouragement and company of seasoned travellers. I want to share the adventure.

You want learning and guidance but you know this is not enough. You know the adventure will include wonderful milestones and you want to celebrate those with others who understand them. You also know it will be hard sometimes and that you'll need help - the wisdom and encouragement of others who've been around the tracks for a while - some travel guides. You realise that spiritual friendship is essential for making the path include your whole life, not just a phase you're going through.

If this sounds like you, then you'll want to join either the Flourish Community or the Fellow Travellers Circle. The Flourish Community includes the online program (Flourishing Life Blueprint), all of the Flourish tools, as well webinars (talks and Q&As) and a membership of a private chat group on the Telegram app.


If you're ready to fully embrace personal growth, then the all-inclusive Fellow Travellers Circle is our most rich offering. This includes everything in the Flourish Community as well as individual sessions with a Flourish Guide, membership of a small Fellow Travellers Circle chat community of dedicated travellers like yourself, and invitations to retreats when they are offered. You can check it out here.

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