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Flourish Tools

Sometimes we have the skills to guide our own growth and we just need some tools to help - a structured process to spark some insights or shift the way we see or feel about something.

The Flourish Tools are based on modern psychology as well as the output of years of learning and growing, study, retreats, meditation, the wisdom of the Buddha, and most importantly, experimentation. They actually work!

You can give any of the Flourish tools a go on your own, and if you find yourself stuck or feel that some guidance would be useful, you can contact us for a personal session with a Flourish Guide. 

Inspiring tools to help you find and move to a fulfilling path forward in life, focused on the essential human needs that lead to flourishing.

Flourish Life Assessment - learn what it takes to fully flourish as a human being, and assess your life right now. Then discover the Five Growth Superpowers that help you make the changes you want and assess yourself on these too. Work through a step by step process to explore, integrate and apply what you learn.

(The Five Growth Super-powers coming soon.) - Tell me when it's ready.

Powerful and effective step by step tools for letting go of reactive upsets, releasing yourself from the grip of negativity, removing emotional blocks, and for stopping self-doubt in its tracks.

Inviting Your Demons in for a Tea Party - release from the grip of a situation that's triggered you into reactivity and upset.

Fixing the Frame - get yourself out of a negative downward spiral when things haven't gone the way you wanted, or with a situation you can't, or don't want to change at the moment.

(Board of Believers and Self Soothing Tactics coming soon.) - Tell me when it's ready.

Our free mindfulness tools are here to help you notice your life, your experience, and be more present. Simply click on the tool you are interested in to download and find out more. (More coming soon.)

What Am I Feeling?  - clarify what feelings are arising in any situation to help manage stress & overwhelm.

PAR Card - a visual reminder and tips to help you slow down and pay attention to your experience.

(Meditation Myth-buster coming soon.) - Tell me when it's ready.

If you are unsure about which tool would best suit your needs get in touch so we can help guide you.  

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