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The Flourishing Life Blueprint

The Flourishing Life Blueprint program is due to be launched in 2021.


This powerful program is a blueprint for embracing and relishing your life, whatever it throws at you. It brings together the insights and practices from the Buddha's wisdom, modern psychology, our founder's experience in leadership development and her own personal growth path.

The program will guide you through the process of personal growth - at your own pace, working with your actual life challenges. It gives you a year's access to all of the program's modules and lifetime access to our full suite of tools.

It's all online, and consists of eight modules with videos and practical activities that you can do at your own pace, and from the comfort of your own home. It includes the entire suite of Flourish tools from the Tools page and lots more.

If you'd like to know when we launch the program, pop your email address in here and join our Facebook Page here.

You can do just one module at a time, or you can let us walk you through the process step by step and complete the full Flourishing Life Blueprint course.


If you're not sure which approach is right for you, come over to this page to answer the question:  "Where do I start?"

Module 1

The Big Picture

5 sessions

What's wrong? Shouldn't I be happy?

Compared to most people who ever lived, we are safe and 'successful'. So why aren't we happy? What have our modern lives left behind that we need to re-create for ourselves? What does it mean to 'flourish' in life, and is this the same as 'being happy'? What does this path look like and what do we need if we want to travel it? This module looks at what it means to flourish as well as the 'what' and the 'how' of doing it.


Module 2

Your Flourishing Super-power: Growth

6 sessions

Essential attitudes for growth: the Four Cs

To shift our way of receiving and experiencing life, we need cultivate certain attitudes to it. We don't need to score 10/10 on all of them, but we need to know our strengths and practice in the areas where a shift is needed.

This module assesses which of the Four Cs you currently have well developed, and which ones we need to strengthen to help you on your path. We also look at your level of drive for growth and start to build your mindfulness muscle.

Module 3

How Life Works

5 sessions

The human experience

If we want a different experience of life, we need to understand how our lived "experience" is created - how every moment comes about. Why do I get heated or uptight about things that others can brush off? Why are there certain things that 'hook' me... that trigger reactions in me that I can't seem to let go? And then there are other things that really energise me and keep me going that other people might not care about at all. Why is loneliness the 'modern malaise'? 

This module makes it clear how our experience is put together - how it's created - so that we can know the clay that we're working with and begin to hone our skills for the craft of living well.


Module 4

Knowing Our Minds

6 sessions

Befriending our minds


Our minds are well intended, but only semi-skilled friends. They try to protect us but they don't always know how best to do that. There are three beliefs they adopt that mis-colour our lens on the world and set us off in the wrong direction when looking for a fulfilling life. We scramble around in all the wrong places and then wonder why we come up empty handed.


This module helps us know our unskfilful tendencies of mind so that we can see when we're being taken off track. We learn some mind-hacks to interrupt and re-direct the old patterns. As our minds learn to see more clearly, they can guide us more wisely. 

Module 5

The Master-tool: Mindfulness

6 sessions

The essentials - insight & serenity

We can't change our unhelpful patterns if we can't see them. We can't see them if our minds are stirred up like a puddle of water in the dirt. We need to calm them so that we can see clearly the contours of the puddle.

This module gives an overview of different types of meditation and how they're useful. You'll get to try them for yourself, letting go any delusions of being a 'bad meditator' or 'not being able to meditate'. You'll begin to build your own mindfulness practice and a toolkit of different ways to do it, both in dedicated meditation sessions, and in your everyday life.


Module 6

Getting fit for the journey

6 sessions

Resilience for the mind

The path of personal growth can be a challenging one at times and we need to make sure we're in shape to handle it. Our minds are the most important tool for this journey. They are 'Teflon for the good, and Velcro for the bad' - we need to know how to balance them. This module will equip you with powerful tools to bolster your resilience for the important personal work in the next module.

Module 7

Dismantling reactivity

5 sessions

Getting un-stuck

Armed with our tools for awareness and resilience, we learn how to dismantle the conditions that lead us to live on auto-pilot, with our habitual reactions in the driver's seat.

This module gives us direct, practical experience in undermining real life issues that have us in their grip. Learn how to 'invite your demons in for a tea party' to release stress and stuck-ness in your life. And learn how to relish pleasant experiences without them becoming pleasure traps. This is a powerful module that has the potential to change your life. In fact this is what the Buddha called awakening - the experience of life free from reactivity!

demon tea party.jpg

Module 8

Finding Your Way Forward

6 sessions

Finding your "true north"....and walking!

At times in our life we become aware of a gnawing sense of not-quite-rightness. This is often the first shoot of awareness that we are not living in line with our deepest sense of meaning. 

This module helps us identify our 'true north' in life - our sense of purpose and meaning, and shift our life and energy onto this path. It leads us through bolstering this with our strengths and productive efforts.

Flourishing Life Blueprint online program

Price: $1,970

There will be some scholarships available for those truly experiencing financial hardship. Details will be made available when the course launches.

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