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Flourish Programs

Hi there. This is me, Lenorë, the founder of Flourish and I'm inviting you to come with me on an adventure - the path of full human flourishing. 

I'm so glad you're here now, because that means you're listening to the voice inside that's telling you there's another way to live, that there's more to this human life, that this humanity thing has much richer possibilities than you've tapped so far.


Or maybe it's the voice of pain you're listening to - telling you that there must be a way to go through life without being thrown around from pillar to post every time something difficult comes your way.

I developed these programs to help you. They are my attempt to bottle the serious bits of wisdom and practical know-how I've gained over my life.


My path has taken me through a psychology degree, the corporate world, elite sport, entrepreneurialism, as well as exploring and now teaching the Buddha's wisdom. I've been through striving, loss, great disappointments and challenges. I've been through some fabulous achievements, joys, discoveries and growth. I've dealt with high stress, feeling off track, like life is meaningless and even depression. 


Through this I've found ways of facing my own demons, letting go of hurts, fears and reactivity and finding a much calmer, more joyful, rich and resilient way of experiencing life. I've found powerful ways of navigating this that really work not just for me personally but for others I've shared them with. I want to share those with whomever needs them.


The Flourish suite of tools and programs are a powerful and effective collection of personal growth resources that help grow your mindfulness, get unstuck from unhelpful emotional patterns, and find your way forward to a more flourishing life. They are my way of making our world a better place. I genuinely believe it starts here, with each of us, in our lives just as they are, deciding to more fully develop our capacities as human beings. 

Currently, if we want to grow, we're either left to find the good stuff ourselves through trial and error, or go for personal therapy.


The trial and error option can be slow and involve lots of rabbit holes that take you nowhere much. They can be exhausting and darned expensive (think: several thousand dollars for a weekend with Tony Robbins and 10,000 others)!!

Many of us feel like we could do a lot of the growing ourselves if we just had the tools. Flourish Personal Growth gives you those tools, backed up with individual support and guidance if and when you feel you need it. I wish I'd had access to these programs in 2003 when I began my own growth path - I would have moved along it much faster!!

If you are a seasoned self-developer, you might choose to download some of our tools and run with them yourself.

If you're new to personal growth, or feel you'd like some guidance and company, you might choose one of our programs below. 

The Flourishing Life Blueprintan online program which includes the entire suite of Flourish Tools. Learn what makes human beings flourish, how our experience works, and the key mistakes we make. You'll use practical tools to know your mind, build a mindfulness practice and your own resilience. You'll learn how to face your fears and experience the powerful shifts that come with that. You'll build a compelling vision of what flourishing means for you and start walking that path.

Flourish Communitythis program includes the Flourishing Life Blueprint program and also adds webinars, Q&A sessions and a dedicated chat group where like-minded people share their challenges, encourage and support each other, and share other resources that they find helpful for personal growth.

Fellow Travellers Circlethis is the program for those who really want to move powerfully. It includes everything from the Flourish Community, and adds three one-on-one sessions per year with a Flourish Guide, a small dedicated Travellers Circle chat group (no more than 5 people) to support and encourage you, and invitations to retreats as they come on line.

If you're not sure where to start, check out the page called Where Do I Start? Whatever you choose, I hope you do something. Life is too short to stay stuck, unfulfilled, empty, disconnected or stressed. Just do something to start....and keep going.

I sincerely hope these programs and tools will help you, and remember, we're here to help so please connect with us if you need help or guidance with them. 

Warm wishes,


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