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The Fellow Travellers Circle

You're not alone!


Guidance. Support. Encouragement. Company.

Growing offers huge rewards, but it can be hard work sometimes. In fact it can be downright challenging.


It's easy to feel like we're alone in having our foibles and hot buttons and unhelpful habits, or feeling lost, empty, anxious or inadequate. But we're not!


It can be bewildering knowing where to start or what to do to walk the path of personal growth that leads to greater flourishing. But it doesn't have to be.

Our Fellow Travellers Circle is a group of people who, like you, have a real interest in personal growth and are committed to doing it.

Walking our growth path with fellow travellers by our side, turns difficulty into shared challenge, where we feel more embedded in connection when we're struggling rather than feeling isolated or somehow undeserving in our messy human-ness.


It bolsters our courage and commitment to keep going as we realise it's not just me - this is humanity! Sharing the difficult bits and helping each other through them makes the journey even more rewarding.

The Buddha's attendant once said to him "It seems to me that friendship is half of the path". The Buddha said "No, Ananda, good friendship is the whole of the path". One of the wonderful things that comes with this work is the company and friendship of others who also value growing to flourish in life.

If this sounds like where you're at, read on.....

Join our Fellow Travellers Circle

Our Fellow Travellers Circle program is designed to guide, support, and accompany you on your growth path. It helps you build growth into your life as the way you do things, rather than it being a one-off workshop, course, book or program. It brings your whole life into your growth path and provides momentum, encouragement and support to keep going, finding the gold in the bumpy bits and sharing the joys of your achievements.


It includes the full online program called The Flourishing Life Blueprint, which comes with our entire suite of Flourish tools, that you can use again and again whenever you need them.

It includes webinars and Q&As on a wide variety of real-life topics that are relevant to personal growth and membership of the private Flourish Community chat group (on Telegram).


In addition to all of this, it includes more personal support - you'll be able to access three individual sessions per year with a Flourish Guide, membership of a small, intimate Travellers Circle chat group (your own Travellers Circle), and your Travellers Circle will be able to request the support of Flourish Guides. You'll also receive exclusive invitations to Flourish retreats as they are offered.

Meaningful personal growth happens over time and as life unfolds. Approaching it in bursts here and there can help, but often there's a disconnect between the learning experience and your everyday life. The most effective way to do it is to embed it in your life, where you can bring your daily challenges into your Travellers Circle. In doing this, not only do you receive support and encouragement but you learn from each others' challenges too! It can be a very bonding experience and such a nourishing support to know that your Circle is always there, and Flourish Guides are here too if you need us.

Make personal growth the way you live, not just a one-off experience that may or may not affect you tomorrow let alone next month or next year! Like a gym membership is there to embed strength into your body, invest in the richness and fulfilment of your life. Join our Fellow Travellers Circle program and embed flourishing into your life.

Investment in your wellbeing: $TBC (Annual membership)

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