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Tools for Finding Your Way Forward

It could be a vague sense of being off track, a dull emptiness that rears its head every now and then, a feeling of mild panic that your life is passing by so quickly, or even depression where you feel like you've just been stopped in your tracks and have no energy or inspiration to move.

First, know that this is a precious moment. It's darned uncomfortable, but then lots of important moments are! Your choice to listen to this voice rather than trying to get rid of it or drown it out, is how you earn your way to a flourishing future. The path to this future is through the discomfort, not around it - we need to look closely at our lives, not distract ourselves from it. Like most highly valuable things in life, this achievement is earnt.

So we need to take a good honest look at where we are now. But more than that, we need to know what a flourishing life looks like for us.

When we find these questions arising, it's our mind playing the role of protector. It's asking us to listen and consider answers to important questions before it's too late. That's where our Flourish Life Assessment tool for finding your way forward can help.

This is what the Flourish Life Assessment is for... 

Based on your life now, it leads you through assessing for yourself, how well your four Safety Needs and five Fulfillment Needs are being met. It also leads you through an assessment of the Five Growth Super-powers which are the fertiliser for human growth and development - you'll need them to make many of the changes you might want in your life. 

When you've completed this assessment you'll be able to pinpoint the Needs that are currently under-done, that are causing your angst. Once you know what they are, you can make plans for change....and then move! 


You'll also see where your needs are currently well met, and be able to practise gratitude for those. This is a super-important thing to do - research shows that gratitude is linked to optimism, happiness, deeper relationships, wellbeing, stronger self control, better athletic performance, lower stress, depression and anxiety....the list goes on! You're likely to have some needs well met - truly appreciating this has a positive effect itself.

Finally, you have the all-important Five Growth Super-powers. These attitudes are important because change is often challenging. Occasionally we can just make a change to our objective circumstances to improve our score on one of the Needs (e.g. joining a group to meet the need for Belonging). But often there are reasons why we haven't done this before that point to some inner work we need to do.


For example, maybe we haven't joined a group before because we feel anxious about meeting new people, or we find ourselves judging others for their imperfections and so leave looking for greener pastures (i.e. more perfect people). Maybe we identify that our Need for Achievement isn't being met, but we struggle with risking failure - an essential component of achieving pretty much anything significant.

Depending on what you find from your assessment, you might find some of our other Tools or our Programs helpful. These walk you through a lot of common challenges and super helpful mindfulness practices.

You might also find yourself wanting some more guidance and maybe some company on your growth path. If so, then check out our Programs which include all of our tools as well as a self-paced online program and the option of joining dedicated chat groups (both large and small), webinars, Q&As and individual sessions with Flourish Guides.

Investment in your wellbeing: AU$270

If you're not up for the full Life Assessment experience but would like to assess yourself on the Nine Needs, you can opt for the much shorter Nine Needs Self-Assessment. This gives you a brief walk through the Nine Needs, a self-assessment, and mini-planner to identify the Needs to focus on for you right now.

Investment in your wellbeing: AU$47

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