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Self-serve Tools

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Flourish's suite of powerful personal growth tools are in the process of being launched. Some are already available (listed in blue) and others are being launched as they're finalised. Click the button below if you'd like updates as they arrive and we'll email you the moment they're ready.


In the meantime have a look below at what we're offering and click on them for more details!

Sometimes we have the skills to guide our own growth and we just need some tools to help. For example we might have well developed coaching or counselling skills, emotional skills, self awareness, self compassion, and curiosity but we could do with a structured process to help spark some insights or shift the way we see or feel about something.

Below are a number of tools to help. Some are free and some require an investment, but all of them are the output of years of learning and growing, study, retreats, meditation, and most importantly, experimentation. They actually help!

Feel free to download any that sound relevant for your situation and give them a go on your own.


If you find yourself stuck or feel that some guidance would be useful, you can book in for a personal session with a Flourish Guide. You can do the Flourishing Life Blueprint online program which includes all of the tools below or you can join the Flourish Community which also adds webinars and a dedicated chat group. For the best support come and join us in the Fellow Travellers Circle which also adds one-on-one sessions with your personal Flourish Guide, membership of your own intimate Travellers Circle chat group, and invitations to retreats.

Tools to help you notice your life, your experience, and be more present.

What Am I Feeling?  - clarify what feelings are arising in any situation.

PAR Card - a visual reminder to slow down and pay attention to your experience.


Meditation Overview - a short video explaining what meditation is, why we do it, and the two broad types of meditation practices.


How to Meditate - learn to meditate in five minutes.

5G: The Five Growth Superpowers - a self-assessment of the five Growth Attitudes that turbo-charge development

Powerful step by step tools for letting go of reactive upsets, releasing yourself from the grip of negativity, and for stopping self-doubt in its tracks.

Fixing the Frame - getting yourself out of a negative spiral when you can't (or choose not to) change an unpleasant situation immediately (or at all).


Board of Believers - bolstering your confidence and self belief when the voices of self doubt are getting in the way.

Inviting Your Demons in for a Tea Party - releasing from the grip of your upsets by facing them.

Guided Demon Tea Party - face your demons with the help of a Flourish Guide.

Self-soothing Tactics - when you're feeling emotionally knocked around - hurt or triggered - and need to help the body-mind get out of high alert and back to feeling safe.

Inspiring tools to help you find and move to a path forward in life, focused on the essential human needs that lead to flourishing.

Flourish Life Assessment - assess where your needs are currently met well and where you can act to flourish more.

Your Vision Planner - For more detailed help moving forward, build a rich vision of what flourishing looks like for you and a plan to make it happen.

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