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About Lenorë

Hi there. I'm Lenorë Lambert (pronounced Lenoree). I'm a psychologist, entrepreneur, Buddhist teacher, author, and World Champion Masters athlete. Bit of a weird combination I guess. If you'd like to know a bit about me and how I came to start Flourish, read on....

I grew up in a large Catholic family in country Australia. I finished school at age 16, then half-heartedly started an Arts Degree. I had no idea why I was studying.


Barely passing, I left, traveled, and did all manner of jobs - waitress, teacher aide, strapper for a race-horse trainer, and a labourer in an engineering warehouse, to name a few. Finally, after three years I felt I was ready for study and resumed my Degree in Psychology, graduating with Honours at the University of Queensland.

A decade later, I'd done the corporate thing, having become director of a publicly listed company by age 32. I'd enjoyed much of my corporate life, but found it unfulfilling. The rewards it offered - money, professional achievement and status - weren't as deeply satisfying as their reputations suggested. I also noticed that the corporate world had a way of bringing out the crappy side of human nature.

So I started my own business in leadership development. I felt that this was the way I could make a positive difference in the world.


More importantly though, I began my own developmental journey in earnest. I was guiding leaders through some deep personal work, and I wanted to make sure I knew the territory, and the learning experience well.

I had also started to see clearly for the first time, my own demons. I could see them, but I didn't know what to do with them. The next decade saw many meditation retreats, courses and an exploration of the teachings of Siddhattha Gotama (the Buddha). The freedom, peace, and delight this brought into my life was transforming. I'm now a secular Buddhist teacher in my spare time.

During this time I also discovered Masters Athletics and used my mindfulness practice to cultivate enjoyment of this sport. In my youth it had been stressful - tarnished by the need for parental approval and attention. My mindful approach to dismantling these old emotional patterns, and to training and performing under pressure has brought me several world titles and Australian Records in hurdles, sprints and the heptathlon.

Flourish Personal Growth is, I think, the last major creation for me. It is my life's work. It brings together everything I've learned through my life, from direct experience, my Psychology studies, my leadership work, and the Buddha's teachings. It crystallises what I've learned and shares it in the hope that I might help others on a similar journey. I love this work. I will probably do it until my body-mind gives out.

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