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The teachings of the Buddha are one of the core foundations underpinning the programs and tools offered by Flourish. If you'd like to know more about the teachings in a practical, non-religious way, this book, written by our founder Lenorë Lambert, is for you.

Lenorë is a secular Buddhist teacher in her spare time. Over the years she's had many people asking her to recommend a good secular introduction to the teachings but she couldn't wholeheartedly recommend one. 

There are lots of great books but either they take the religious route, requiring that we take on ancient Indian beliefs about the cosmos (such as rebirth), or the few good secular books available require the reader to already have a grounding in the basics.

So she wrote the book everyone keeps asking for!

The Buddha for Modern Minds answers many of the questions that often arise for newcomers like: Who was the Buddha? What are the teachings about? Is Buddhism a religion? What are the different ‘schools’ of Buddhism? Do I have to believe in rebirth? Is the dharma anti-pleasure? Is the dharma just meditation or mindfulness? Does the dharma teach passivity? Is the dharma anti-passion? Do I need to find a teacher or go to an Asian country to learn the dharma? Is the Dalai Lama a Buddha? Why are some Buddha statues fat? 😊 How do I start my own practice?....and more.


It also explains the core teachings of the Buddha in practical, memorable ways and integrates some concepts from modern psychology - Lenorë's background. She brings the teachings alive with stories from her home life, work life, and her experience as a World Champion Masters track and field athlete to demonstrate how the impacts show up.

As the Buddha did, this book puts aside unknowable issues like rebirth which are unnecessary for fully practicing the teachings. Worse, they're a distraction from the very real and practical project at the heart of his wisdom - flourishing in this life. Here. Now.

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