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Is Flourish for you?

There are many personal stories that lead people to the Flourish experience. Here are a few of the common paths:

What it takes: The 4Cs

Anyone can take this journey if they have the desire to grow and are willing to practice the 4Cs: Courage, Curiosity, Compassion and Clarity.


We need courage to stand in our experience, whatever that is, even if it's not pleasant at the time. We also need courage to try different ways of responding to it. Courage isn't something we have, it's something we do. Everyone can do it. It's simply a choice, and the more we build our courage habit, the easier it is to engage it.


We need curiosity to look closely at what we're going through, the pleasant, the unpleasant, and the in-between. We must want to see how our experience is constructed, what leads to it, what it's made up of, what our patterns are. 


We need to practice empathy and good will towards ourselves. We need to be willing to dismantle the machinery of 'judging mind', and put effort in to nourishing and fueling our physical and emotional reserves. As the Buddha said, there is no-one more worthy of kindness than ourselves.


We can't change the way we experience the world if we can't see the way we experience the world. We can't see it if we don't slow down and calm down. Like a pond in the dirt that's all stirred up and muddy, if our mind's are constantly overloaded and bombarded with stimulation, we'll never see how they work. Building a mindfulness practice is an essential ingredient for growth.

These 4Cs plus a drive or appetite for growth, are the attitudes that turbo-charge our development. We don't need to score 10/10 on them to get going, but we do need to know where our strengths lie so that we can harness them, and know where we might need to focus on cultivating some of the Cs to help us on our path.


To grow your mindfulness of your current attitudes, download our free self-awareness tool (called 5G: The Five Growth Super-powers) from our menu of Mindfulness Tools.

The rewards.
What it means to flourish.

To feel at home in your own life

To feel deeply connected 


To appreciate your fellow travelers in this tiny speck of time


To keep your keel in the water in any sea


To fully embrace life's joy and delight


To cherish your unique and brief time in this world

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