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  • Lenore Lambert

OMG, I'm heading to the TEDx stage!

How exciting is this?! In October this year I'll be going to the US to give a TEDx talk.

My draft title is: Why chasing happiness is nuts and what to do instead.

The organisers tell me that TEDx talk titles often change right up until the last minute, so we'll see if it endures. But it gives you the gist.

I started to play with this idea last year because in 2022 I spent large chunks of my time creating social media content (another means of spreading my message) and the net result was that I got nowhere with creating my online program (the Flourishing Life Blueprint). It came to a screaming halt!

Creating program content requires ALL of me. My whole attentional bandwidth! I'm putting together a self-guided personal growth journey for people who want to grow, who don't want to go to therapy but are more serious than the 'dabblers' - those who are just up for a yoga workshop or a weekend with Tony Robbins. (Nothing wrong with either of those things btw, they just don't tend to result in deep, lasting, transformational change.)

I'm trying to bottle all of the helpful wisdom and practices I've gathered over the years from my four key sources: my psych background, my 19 years of work helping leaders grow, my 20+years studying, practising, writing about and now teaching the Buddha's wisdom, and my own experience of growing. I want to make the gold from these sources available to people in a guided experience.

It's a lot of work. I love doing it, but it's a lot of work!! This means I can't spend loads of time also creating other content....for social media.

Last year (as you may have noticed) I shared very little on email and social media, BUT...I got lots done on the program which is very exciting! Then I thought....if I could get a TEDx talk, that would help spread the message while I finish things off.

Apparently only 6% of people who apply for TEDx events are successful, so I'm thrilled to be accepted! (I'm the only speaker accepted for the event from outside the US.)

I'll share this adventure with you over the coming months. But for now, here is the one-minute video that I used in my TEDx applications.

Do you have ANY idea how hard it is to jam into one minute, info about yourself and your idea?! It was quite a challenge! And while memorising a one minute talk isn't too hard, reciting it quickly without sounding like you're rattling off a list, is next level!

More soon.


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