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  • Lenore Lambert

It's all happening!

The last few months have seen a COVID lock-down over the festive season, a silly injury that's meant I'm missing most of my athletics season, and....a HEAP of exciting progress with Flourish!

Whatever achievements I'm missing on the athletics track are being channeled into getting moving on my most exciting project yet. I've been working really hard and am LOVING it!

Do you know the concept of flow where you're so engaged in what you're doing that you lose track of time, you lose all consciousness of your self, and before you know it you look up and it's dinner time. Only you haven't had lunch! And you realise you've been having a ball!

I have to admit I've even missed a couple of gym sessions because I was just so absorbed in my work! (Sorry coach!)

First finished cab off the rank is a refresh of my logo. My initial one was a $25 job from Fiverr. Now that I'm getting serious about launching it, I'm working with a fabulous designer who's helping me with...well...everything that has anything to do with design.

I've got lots of powerful tools to share with you over the next couple of for personal growth: my online program, stand-alone self-serve tools, a book (VERY close to being published) and lots more. Stay tuned!

But in the meantime....don't you think my logo is just beautiful?!


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