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I'm stopping stopping

I've been a fickle friend.

Not really, I think of you often - you who have expressed an interest in personal growth and coming on this adventure with me. But it probably feels like that. You hear from me for a few weeks in a row and then....nothing.

The truth is, I've spent a lot of time in overwhelm. I've been creating loads of great content that's just ....sitting around. No-one knows about it, it just sits there, waiting for me to get on to communicating it, getting it out there.

I start to think about what I can do to connect with you more and keep you up to date, and offer you helpful things, and share good stuff.... and then I'm just drowning in ideas and I can feel the goal of actually recording the online program slipping further and further into the distance. So I go back to writing content - tools, online course sessions. I need two of me!

Then, a few weeks ago, something awesome happened! A fabulously intelligent, creative, worldly, energetic person, who is an entrepreneur herself, told me she was tired of working on her own and wanted a project that she cares about. This same person has already been my guinea pig for several of the Flourish tools I've developed and has read my book from cover to cover and loved it. I'd thought many times that I'd like to involve her in Flourish one day.

So I took the opportunity and mentioned the idea to her.

She LOVED it and was so excited that it kept her awake until 2am for several days. She had to take a notebook to bed with her every night so that she could try and get some sleep amid the ideas that were popping up!

This made me even more excited!! (There's a veritable storm of excitement going on between Dee Why here in Sydney and Steph's farm out there in the NSW tablelands.) My wonderful hubby was on board with using our other business to fund getting her involved, and so we are away! Meet, the fabulous person that is Steph Harding....

As we come to the end of our first week working together, I'm feeling so energised and in fact I'm pinching myself because all the work I've been doing this week doesn't even feel like work.

It feels so good to have company, to have another mind, heart and pair of hands bringing Flourish to life. She's working through all the issues that have been overwhelming me - re-arranging my website so that it's easy for people to quickly find what they want and setting us up for some regular presence on email and social media so that we can be a regular contributor to your flourishing in life.

So I'm writing this to let you know that I'm going to STOP stopping my contact with you. Over the coming few weeks we're getting the building blocks lined up to support our plans. And then we're going to be connecting with you on a regular basis, sharing lots of great stuff, giving you some super-duper introductory offers on our self-serve tools that are ready to go, and starting to really bring you on this adventure.

It's so exciting! Chat to you soon. (I promise.)


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