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How life works

6 weeks

Monday nights 6.30 - 9pm

Dates: TBC

Launch Price: $390

Disappointment is always preceded by expectation.


Three tragic misunderstandings about the human experience set us up for disappointment. Learn to see through these, understand how your experience works, and feel the ease that comes with expecting from life what it truly can give.


Knowing where we are

3 weeks

Monday nights 6.30 - 9pm

Dates: TBC

Launch Price: $190

Know your own experience

If we want to change our habitual, reactive patterns, we need to see how they work. That means we need to slow down and look closely.

Mindfulness is simply paying deliberate attention to our experience, the pleasant, the unpleasant, and everything in-between. To be able to grow through mindfulness, we also need to bring curiosity, acceptance, and gentleness to our exploration.

Learn about the two different types of meditation, start building your mindfulness toolkit, and use these practices to move your life in the direction of flourishing.


Finding our true north

Dates, duration & price TBC

What's the meaning of life?


Life doesn't come pre-programmed with meaning. Modern society will tell you it's all about 'success'. But what is that really? And do you subscribe at the deepest level, to the common definition of success? To commit wholeheartedly to a direction in life, we need to wrestle with the question: what matters most? Explore and discover the true north for your life, and how to orient yourself to this home ground. The energy and peace this releases may surprise you!


Taking in the Good

Dates, duration & price TBC

Our minds  are 'teflon for the good, and velcro for the bad'.


We are naturally biased towards the negative. This helped our ancestors stay alive. But now that we live in relative safety, it's a stumbling block. This course builds our resilience by teaching us to take in the very real positive aspects of our lives, and give them the power to  affect us.  


Dismantling reactivity

Dates, duration and price TBC

Armed with our tools for awareness and resilience, we learn how to dismantle the conditions that lead us to live on auto-pilot, with our habitual reactions in the driver's seat.

The Buddha called this practice 'going against the stream' because it moves in the opposite direction to normal human habits. Instead of desperately chasing more, more, more pleasure, we learn to build a more peaceful relationship with it. Instead of desperately avoiding unpleasant experiences, we learn to let them move through our lives without creating so much drama.