• Lenore Lambert

Launching my first tool.....What are you feeling?

I've got some exciting news to share - I'm starting to release some of my personal growth tools. They've been a long time coming so I'm thrilled to be able to start sharing them with you!!!

Here's a super-helpful one that can be used in so many situations, in fact in any moment where it's important to tune in to how you feel.

Feelings make decisions. Did you know that?

Our minds can assess and compare options but it's our feelings that tell us what we want. Which option is more attractive? When we 'weigh things up', to answer this question we're comparing how we feel about the thinking that we've done. It's our feelings that tell us whether we want to move towards something or away from it. In fact the word 'emotion' comes from the Latin 'motere' which means 'to move'.

This makes feelings super-important because they lie at the start of our actions, and our actions have all sorts of impacts for us and others.

They're also intricately involved in growing as a person. They're absolute gold and truly essential in developing self insight and in becoming an artisan of our own character development.

Identifying our feelings affects our wellbeing in so many ways. It's essential in seeing our reactive patterns of dealing with unpleasant experiences. This includes conflict with others as well as our ability to manage our own moods and reactions to things not going the way we want. It affects how fully positive events land in our body-minds, as well as our ability to show up and be mindful of our experiences so that we can respond creatively from our values rather than reacting on auto-pilot.

But sometimes it can be hard to know what exactly it is we're feeling! We can feel numerous things all at once, and some of those feelings can be subtle. It can be hard to put our finger on them.

So I've put together a tool for you to help with this. It's called What Am I Feeling? and as a celebration of my first offering it's free!! Check it out on the Mindfulness Tools page and please do let me know if you find it useful!!