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The Flourish Community

Be your own guide. Learning. Momentum.

The Flourish Community is designed as a middle option between doing the Flourishing Life Blueprint on your own and joining the Fellow Travellers Circle where you're part of an intimate and dedicated community. 

It's for those who'd like to make their personal growth an ongoing process, who'd like some stimulation for their learning and to benefit from the momentum of a group on a similar path, but who don't want to commit to meeting regularly and don't feel the need for individual support.

The Flourish Community allows you to be a part of a tribe with a common interest but it's more than that. There are plenty of Facebook Groups on personal development. The Flourish Community is different in two ways.

How we're different....

First, our members are at a stage in their lives where personal growth is a commitment, not just an interest. Anyone can click 'join' on a Facebook Group and scan past five word posts in their Facebook feed. Joining the Flourish Community means you're serious about learning and growing, you want to put time and thought into it and actually practise new ways of doing life.


Secondly, Flourish's programs and approach to personal growth are underpinned by credible, evidence based principles that actually lead to shifts in the way we experience life. You can test that out for yourself. In fact we WANT you to test that out for yourself! You won't have to scroll past discussions on crystal healing, auras or star signs here.


There are no sacred cows. The whole human experience is up for exploration!


Making growth a habit

Often when we've been on the path of personal growth for a while, we've gathered some insights, practices and wisdoms that have helped move us along. We know the freedom that comes with growing - we've experienced it directly. 

But growth isn't a one-shot game. We can get to a point where we realise it's quite a while since we've really challenged ourselves, since we've had any new insights about our personal patterns, and we can realise that we've made it to a station that's better than the one we started at, but we're ready to move and grow again.


Perhaps we don't have the burning platform that we did before. Perhaps it feels a bit like we're stagnating. We could benefit from some new input, some new ideas and practices to start moving and growing again.

That's what the Flourish Community is for. If this resounds for you, then read on.....

Join our Flourish

Membership in the Flourish Community includes the full online program called The Flourishing Life Blueprint, which comes with our entire suite of Flourish tools, that you can use again and again whenever you need them.

It also includes webinars and Q&As on a wide variety of real-life topics that are relevant to personal growth and membership of the private Flourish Community chat group (on Telegram).


Our webinars are reflections on specific issues that affect our experience of life. They're intended to spark your own reflections and they always include questions and suggestions for you to take with you into your day to day.

Our Q&A sessions spring from comments, questions and suggestions that come from the Flourish Community. These might be responses to a webinar or simply issues that have arisen in your own life, that you'd like to table for further exploration.

You know from your own experience that personal growth doesn't happen by accident. It takes dedicated headspace and heartspace. Like our bodies that adapt to the exercise we put them through, our characters too, only grow when we challenge them and keep refining our skills and perspectives. To fully develop we need to become artisans of our character growth. The Flourish Community offers a stimulus and momentum for this mastery.

Investment in your wellbeing: $TBC (Annual membership)

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